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Suwat Dechokul Part.,Ltd.
A snack wholesale and retail store

A snack wholesale and retail store for retailers or people who want to buy snacks in volume for doing whatsoever activities.

We have a wide variety of brand of snacks from many well-known company plus indie and traditional snacks like gummy cigarette, citrus compote (Kimjor), tasty fruit, and flovored sugar candy.

Moreover, we have a wide variety of snacks in buckets, like tasty sticks, pineapple biscuits, crackers, creamy biscuits, and etc. freshly made from factories so you can be sure that our products are fresh and ready to serve to you.

Visit our front store…
We sell a wide variety of snacks in our front store.

Delivery services…
We sell products with volume discounts, when buying in volume (domestic only).

Reasonable prices…
Both retail and wholesale products are sold at reasonable prices.

Ask for more information…
Tel: 0-2281-9282 , 0-2281-2221

Our official LINE account
Official Line ID: @SuwatSnack

“I like buying stuffs at Suwat store as it provides one-stop services for snacks. It has a wide variety of snacks and the prices are reasonable.”
- Suwat's customers

About us

About us

Suwat Dechokul Part.,Ltd.
For more than 46 years that we have been running snack wholesale and retail business. We sell a wide variety of snacks at reasonable price and also have domestic delivery services primarily in Bangkok and suburban area.

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A wide variety of popular snacks


Candy and gum
A wide variety of candy and chewing gum.

ครีม ช็อกโกแลต และเวเฟอร์

Cream, chocolate, and wafers
A wide variety of creamy snacks, chocolate, and wafers


Seaweed in a variety of style, for instance, baked, grilled, and fried.


A wide variety of beverages, for instance, green tea, white tea, lemon tea, juice, or bird nest beverage


Instant Foods
A wide variety of instinct foods in a variety of flavours, for instance, instant noodles, or instant porridge


Tins of Snacks
A wide variety of snacks in a tin container, for instance, rolled wafer sticks, pineapple biscuits, or tasty sticks


Indie Snacks
A wide variety of traditional snacks, for instance, traditional old-styled cake, gummy cigarette, or kumquat